Hello, and welcome to Gary Davis Aromatherapy. It’s my site devoted to essential oils and aromatherapy. I became interested in essential oils several years ago. I was having terrible insomnia and I discovered lavender oil. Using it in a diffuser beside the bed was all it took to help me relax and get to sleep. From that point on I wanted to learn everything I could about these amazing oils and their uses.

I dove into the subject. I read everything I could find on essential oils. I took classes and I read research studies. I got certifications in essential oils.

Then I decided I would start writing a blog. That is how Gary Davis Aromatherapy was born.

The articles in the blog have been written over the span of the last several years. I wanted to try and build a resource here where people can go to get information safely. There is a lot of information, and a fair amount of misinformation, about essential oils online. In the articles I write I try as hard as possible to cite and link to scientific papers, where those studies have been done.

It is important to note that there are not nearly as many research papers written about essential oils compared to other subjects. But studies are becoming more common as we learn more and more about the chemicals plants produce and their effects on us. These effects are both physical and mental. As we discover more we inevitably find that nature is even more amazing than we can imagine.

Gary Davis Aromatherapy

Use the “Blog” link in the menu to head over to the articles on essential oils and herbal remedies. Check out the “Shop” link to purchase 100% pure essential oils from a small supplier I found who has a love of essential oils. We also carry a few essential products for making massage oils or beauty products with your essential oils as well.

Our greatest concern is that you are able to use these oils safely and effectively. The truth about essential oils is that they are wonderful when used safely, but they can have unintended and even deadly consequences if they aren’t used correctly. By reading the posts on the benefits of a specific oil you can also learn about some well-known risks of that particular oil as well.

For instance, did you know that oils such as eucalyptus and others high in a certain naturally occurring chemical should never be used around the face of a baby? It can actually cause respiratory depression and the baby, even a young child, could stop breathing. Check out the article on my tragic blunder with Eucalyptus oil to see how a moment of inattention could lead to an unwanted outcome.

Enjoy your visit here!