Are Essential Oils Safe In Pregnancy?

Are Essential Oils Safe In Pregnancy

There are many questions about whether essential oils are safe during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to be very careful of what they put in their bodies that might affect the developing fetus inside them. So are essential oils safe in pregnancy? To answer that question we first need to look at how the essential oils

Essential Oils Used For Emotions

essential oils for emotions

Using essential oils to influence emotions and emotional well being are becoming quite popular. Applying essential oils used for emotions can help promote positive emotional states. They can assist with dealing with such emotional states as grief, anger, frustration, etc. Essential oils can also be used to promote mental alertness and clear thinking. Essential oils

Uplifting Mental Clarity Blend

Uplifting Mental Clarity Blend

When you are stressed from a long day, you have a project deadline approaching or you simply are needing some mental clarity and an emotional uplift, this is my favorite essential oil blend. I call it the Uplifting Mental Clarity blend because it uses three essential oils which blend well and have an amazing scent.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Benefits

black pepper benefits

Learn about the many black pepper benefits in this article. Black pepper is one of the most common spices used in the world. In the ancient world, it was treasured as one of the most valuable spices. It was even found in use by the Egyptians in mummification. But did you know that black pepper

Cardamom Benefits

cardamom benefits

Cardamom benefits are hard to beat for anti-inflammatory and anti-spasm uses. Cardamom Essential Oil–¬†Elettaria cardamomum is extracted from the seeds of the Cardamom plant. You are probably familiar with Cardamom as a spice used in cooking some of your dishes. However, the essential oil has many health benefits you may not be aware of. For

Roman Chamomile Benefits

roman chamomile benefits

Roman chamomile benefits are wide ranging for your health and wellness. Chamomile is one of the oldest medicinal herbs known to man. It has been used since ancient times for it’s medicinal and aromatic properties. There are two types of Chamomile essential oils. There are Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) and German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L).

German Chamomile Benefits

German Chamomile benefits

In a previous post I wrote about Roman Chamomile Benefits. In this post I want to cover German Chamomile benefits and the subtle differences between these two essential oils. These essential oils may have some of the same properties, but they are different in their chemical constituents. Knowing this difference can help you when deciding

Frankincense Benefits

frankincense benefits

Since we are in the Christmas season I thought it would be fitting to explore frankincense and frankincense benefits. Since frankincense was one of the gifts brought to baby Jesus it must be valuable, right? Where Does Frankincense Essential Oil Come From? Frankincense essential oil comes from trees native to Pakistan, India, and Somalia. The

Essential Oil Safety-An Almost Tragic Mistake

Eucalyptus tree

This post is a cautionary tale about essential oil safety. I debated with myself about writing this post. I made a stupid and totally avoidable blunder that could have ended very badly. This was a few years ago now but I wanted to include it here because of the significance of the warning when using

Coping With Grief Using Aromatherapy

coping with grief

Essential oils are one of the ways you can begin the journey of coping with grief. If you have ever had a life-altering event which sent you into the emotional state of grief, you know how devastating the emotion can be. Whether it was the loss of a loved one, a treasured pet, or any