Grapefruit Essential Oil


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Grapefruit Essential Oil- Citrus x. paradisi

Read about the benefits of this oil here.

Grapefruit Essential Oil from the USA is 100% pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil expressed from the peels of the grapefruit. This essential oil derives from the cold expression of the fresh peel from the fruit. It is used in aromatherapy as well as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics and also as a flavor additive.

Grapefruit is cooling, cleansing, and decongesting. It is also beneficial to a sluggish lymphatic system.

The astringent, cleansing nature of this essential oil makes it ideal for oily skin, acne, and stretch marks.

Grapefruit oil’s cooling nature helps relieve conditions of tension, irritability, frustration, and moodiness.

Grapefruit Essential Oil clears mental congestion arising from frustration and self-blame. It promotes a lightness of spirit and hunger for immediate satisfaction.


Key Constituents:







Safety Information:

As with all citrus oils, you should not be exposed to the sun or tanning beds for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours, after using on the skin. Oils that become old and oxidized may cause skin sensitization.

Source- Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition, Churchill Livingstone- November 6, 2013

Please take a moment to read the safety guidelines for using essential oils.


*Disclaimer- Please see our disclaimer page. No part of the description of the essential oils is meant to imply any medical diagnosis or treatment may be achieved by using them. Only a licensed physician can diagnose and treat. You assume all risk for your use or misuse of any essential oils.

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