Lemon Essential Oil


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Lemon Essential Oil- Citrus limonum

Read about the benefits of lemon essential oil.

Lemon Essential Oil from Italy is Therapeutic Quality Essential Oil produced by cold pressing of the peel of the lemon.

Lemon Oil has one of the lightest fragrances used in aromatherapy, an example of a “top note”. Lemon Oil can be potentially phototoxic and one should avoid outdoor activities if this oil has been applied to the skin.

Lemon Essential Oil is indicated as a lymphatic decongestant and is useful for obesity, cellulite, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. It is potentially useful for removing urinary stones and gallstones. It can be helpful in relieving headaches, nausea, and insomnia. Essential Oil of Lemon improves circulation and tones the blood vessels leading to its use for varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and nosebleeds.

Lemon Oil has strong antiviral properties making it useful against colds and flu when characterized by yellow phlegm. It is an excellent antiseptic and when diluted can be sprayed in hospitals and around the home.


Key Constituents:












Neryl acetate


Safety Information:

As with all citrus oils do not use on the skin for at least 12 hours prior to exposure to the sun or tanning bed. May cause skin sensitization if the oil becomes old and oxidized.

Source- Tisserand & Young, Essential Oil Safety 2nd Edition, Churchill Livingstone- November 6, 2013

Please take a moment to read the safety guidelines for using essential oils.


*Disclaimer- Please see our disclaimer page. No part of the description of the essential oils is meant to imply any medical diagnosis or treatment may be achieved by using them. Only a licensed physician can diagnose and treat. You assume all risk for your use or misuse of any essential oils.

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